Frequent Questions

Question #1: What does the fund offer?

We offer the following:  1) Micro-Funding  and  2) Consultation

We will match you with people and networks that are willing and able to help you move your project forward.

Question #2: How can I support this?

Answer: Make a tax deductible donation this year, next year and the following year. Then tell a friend.

Question #3: Where does my money go?

Answer: Bread & Roses takes out 4% for administrative costs. The rest, through a fiscal sponsor, goes to the filmmaker or media artist’s project. We will ask fiscal sponsors to waive their fees. A volunteer group organizes and implements the funds activities.

Question #4: When will you start accepting proposals?

Answer: We will announce a call for proposals in the Summer 2020. The initial RFP will be for micro grants of $500 and $1,000 to people of the global majority.

Question #5: Who supports the media fund?

Answer: People like you who care about art and culture and want to see films and media that depict our diverse cultural heritage. We are making a fund for the people and by the people. Every dollar counts!

Question #6: What kind of work is supported?

Answer: Independent producers can receive funding at any stage of the project cycle. A variety of formats, lengths, and genre are supported. However it must be socially conscious film and media.

Question #7: What are the basic requirements?

Answer: The applicants must reside in the state area of Pennsylvania and pledge to have a diverse team working on the film (i.e. women of color, people of color, people with disabilities, youth and elders). Applicants can partner with filmmakers from outside of the region and produce work that takes them to any part of the world. The filmmaker/applicant must be a copyright holder of the work. The filmmaker should have a fiscal conduit with 501 c (3) status. (We are in the process of trying to get this requirement waived during Covid-19 Season) Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants must submit requested materials in order to be considered for funding.

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