About the Fund

Seeing the need for support for filmmakers, veteran filmmaker Nadine Patterson decided to establish a fund for independent media artists at the Bread & Roses Community Fund in Philadelphia.  In addition to financial support, the fund will provide consultation, technical support and guidance to selected filmmakers.

Making independent films can be a lonely endeavor. Writing, directing, producing– where do you go for advice about these things if you are not in film school or can’t afford to hire consultants? If you have a film that does not fit neatly into the box of mainstream/white cinema or urban/black cinema, how do you promote your film and find your audience? Once you complete a film, how do you decide which platform is the best way to distribute your work?

The Abierto Media Fund of Bread & Roses will help to change the game of #indiefilmmaking.

At a time when the industry is struggling with issues of diversity, equality and inclusion, we feel it is imperative that we provide support to media makers who traditionally do not have access to capital financing. This is particularly needed in the early stages of the process. We will fund and highlight projects- whether they are documentary, narrative or experimental- that members of our community want to see thrive.

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